Dream in clay

I’m not a good blogger. My nature is to divulge everything or nothing at all. I don’t like small talk and I’m most chatty at night. I’m intensely protective of my privacy, but if a person asks me a question I will answer it with complete candor. I’m strange. I know.

I find myself unable to sleep at night a lot. It’s when I come up with the best pottery ideas. And yes I do keep a notebook for that reason by my bed. If I could I would get on the wheel and work them out but that isn’t going to happen at the moment. It would be fantastic to have a little place at home to throw whenever or at what ever hour I want. Throwing soothes me. It’s like something just clicks in my chest and everything else fades away.

I’ve been looking up a thing called yarn bowls. I was entreated to make some, and after my research I am convinced that most of the potters that make them have never used yarn to crochet or knit with in their lives. I’m determined – as a person who loves to both crochet and throw pottery – to create a yarn bowl that will actually work for a person and look nice. I can’t stand when ‘useful’ things are less useful just to be aesthetically pleasing.

This Saturday I will have my pottery priced and on display at 16 Main Gallery. If you’re interested in coming to a place I dearly love to look around, take a class, or purchase some new goodies to decorate with or use you should come visit. If I sell nothing at all or everything I have I will still count it as a blessing that I get to do what I’m doing in the first place.



That hurts deep down in my checking account.

Choosing a wheel is hard. Paying for a wheel is harder. A VERY tight current-student budget doesn’t make for optimal saving.

Oooo… the Shimpo VL Whisper. Isn’t it pretty? Take a moment, it’s okay. ONLY $849.88 without shipping! Ha! Got to love when they insert that ‘only’ like it’s the actual equivalent of pocket lint and a paperclip instead of the contents of your bank account.

Or… the Shimpo RK Whisper.

Seriously though, aren’t they pretty? The idea is to sell enough of the pottery I’ve made to afford one of these handsome things. I’ve still got to price my stuff and get it out there, so it’ll be a while. I’ve got high hopes for my muddy future.


A win for the softies!

There is a clay called B-Mix that I love. It has the texture of semi-melted ice cream and after it is fired it stays white so the glaze you put on it really shines. The only problem is that it’s hard for me to get it to throw high. Without grit or grog the clay just won’t pull as thin without getting all… floppy. And floppy just doesn’t work for me.

With that being said you can fathom my absolute joy in the fact that I threw my tallest piece tonight to date with this lovely clay. And even better… I didn’t wreck anything, and I’m most assuredly doing a happy dance in my mind.











So! If there is anything you’d like to see from me please let me know!



Parents, poop, and Patrick Swayze. Oh my!

Growing up with an artist as a parent can be a little different. As a kid I didn’t learn about make-up from her or how to dance. I learned how to draw the human face with ears proportionate to the other features and how a fan brush makes the perfect palm tree fronds. There were easels set up in corners and I knew the smell of oil paints. It fostered a love for the arts in me from a very early age.

Custom eagle drawing I did.

See, the thing is I used to think that drawing was my thing. I didn’t like to paint all that much, and although I needed to be told what to draw in order to get into it I did enjoy it. Oil pastels, check. Charcoal and chalk, check. Watercolors even, check, check, check. I didn’t love any of it but it was fun at times. I was a terminal art hobbyist.

The first piece I made on the wheel. It isn't pretty so now it's a coin jar!

The only experience I had with clay was making coil pots in Elementary school. I didn’t even keep mine because it had the distinct look of canine excrement and I was thankfully omitted from the phase of dog poop humor. My only knowledge of a pottery wheel was from seeing a movie I was WAY too young to see… you know it. Come on. Every time someone sees the wheels at the Gallery they mention it. Mhm, Ghost.

Then again, if people were sure Patrick Swayze circa Ghost would come out and sit behind them to throw some clay there would be a lot more women doing this…Just guessin’.



Announcements are fun!

It’s official… I’ve been voted in as a consignment artist at 16 Main Gallery in downtown Madison. I’m trying not to run around happy-squeaking like a squirrel.

I started making pottery in April 2010 and just over a year later I’m in an actual gallery. Isn’t that sick?! There is still SO much for me to learn and I’m excited to not only be able to support and volunteer at my favorite place in Alabama but actually be a part of it. So thank you so much artists of 16 Main for taking a chance on me. The next 3 months are going to be such a fun and challenging experience.

16 Main Gallery website:  http://16maingallery.com/Home_Page.html

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  – Jeremiah 29:11

I feel like a bloom out of cement. The gain is not in the money; the gain is in this change of heart and spirit that I’ve slowly been awakened to. In the past year people that know me closely and those afar have told me about how much I’ve changed. I’m not saying there aren’t bad days… and God didn’t ever say the road would be easy. I think as that promise in Ezekiel 36:26 prevails in my heart and mind the prosperity spoken of in Jeremiah is ever more evident.

That was most certainly blog-y. Is that a word? I’m going with it!

In hugs and mud,


‘Weird’ is just another category

I love to laugh. It seems I’m usually the one to make myself laugh and that works for me. I’ll happily be the person walking around sniggering or smiling for no seen reason.

It'll be the new rage in lipcolor in no time, I'm sure.

I think it shows, yes? So why not merge the fun and whimsical with the useful? Sounds like a plan.

Life is tasty… and is even tastier when sipping out of a mug with ears and earrings.

❤ T

Let’s start at the beginning…

I’m not a blogger….

It’s not for lack of ability to consistently talk about only myself for any period of time; it’s just the lack of desire to. So, among this huge biosphere of “blogs” and “blooks” and whatever else has spawned on the internet, I add my two cents and my bliss.

My bliss is pottery. Planning it, making it, harboring it and possibly name it George, and eventually letting it go to a new home.

It started with a sign. Who knew that a piece of wire and foam board could change a life? Not in a dramatic John-McClain-Die-Hard way, but in a heart way. Oh no! I’m talking about feelings! Look away! “Beginner Wheel Classes Available,” it read. I had always wanted to try to use the pottery wheel but it wasn’t until I had a partner to do it with that I actually walked into the shop.

There’s a verse in Isaiah that when I came across was just another, ‘Oh, that’s nice… next verse..’ But burst to life when I pursued this art. “You are the potter we are the clay. We are the work of your hand.” – Isaiah 64:8

I put it on all my pieces… not because I’m trying to sell God or use it as a way to garner attention, but because in those moments I truly understand that I was made in the image of a Creator. Of THE Creator. Pretty sweet, eh?

SO! What does this mean to the MAYBE 2 1/2 (the pets in your lap count as a 1/2) people that will read this thing? I don’t know! But it’ll be fun to see…



My happy place.