Fresh baked goodness!

I pulled these out of the kiln this evening…

If you are interested in any pieces please leave a comment and I’ll give you a price! All of my work is for sale at 16 Main Gallery.



Candles and clay

Hello my friends,

Pricing is a rather hard aspect of selling stuff to me. You can base it on materials, yes, and time…okay, but then what? I know that red and orange glazes are much more expensive than the others because of their pigment, and pieces that have more work on them like hand-building have more of a chance of breaking before getting through all the firing. It doesn’t make it any easier.

As I was running around 16 Main today I was again floored and blessed by the fact that I am made in the image of The Creator. I was essentially made with the desire and love to create. I started the day unloading the bisque fire. 21 pieces of mine in total were just begging to get their pretty colors on, and I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with everything that I’ve been making. Not the quality, but the quantity! It’s not till you see everything laid out in front of you that you realize the sheer volume. I can’t help myself, though. I love it.

Next stop was to my candle making class upstairs with Kristy Stewart. I was encouraged by the lovely Mrs. Stewart to fill some of my tea light holders, so I did.

I chose Apple Harvest, Macintosh Apple, and Pumpkin Pie scents. I nearly licked the candles they smelled so good! I wish I were joking…. 😉 The wonderful part is after the candles are used up I can take her class again and make some more soy candles with all new scents.

After my class I frolicked across the house to the pottery studio and glazed my beauties.

And at the end of the day my candles were set and ready for me to take home. I’ll be making Christmas presents out of them this year. Well…the ones I can bear to relinquish.

Want to see something lovely?….

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how good the people around me are. Truly. All the artists I’ve come to know have been incredibly warm and uplifting and SO generous with their time and abilities. I’m very blessed. Very, very blessed.


My first class!

Dear friends,

I will be teaching a clay hand building ornament class on Saturday November 26th at 10AM at 16 Main. It’s only $35 per student and includes all materials and firings! Call 16 Main at 256-325-0161 to reserve a spot.


Mug crazy

Do you have a favorite mug? The one that everyone knows is your mug? It fits your hand perfectly. It’s just the right color. It holds the exact amount that allows you to still have residual warmth when you get towards the last few sips.

I made each one a different shape. You never know which one will be the right fit.

So I got a handle on it (har har, mug humor). The first one looks like a staple to me. Strange? The next one has a curl on the inside. The third has a curl on the bottom outside of the handle. The fourth starts on the inside, and the last one has a high loop. Each one is unique.

I really like the trend of off-kilter bowls you see in restaurants right now. They look like they’re tipping over to me, but I always want a little optical illusion of danger to be worried about while I eat my salad. I threw a bowl and made the sides extra tall so I could cut into it and still have plenty of wall. Ruffling the edges was something I couldn’t help…a plain bowl is wonderful and I’ve made many, but that gets boring. It looks a bit like a shell to me. I’ll wait to glaze this one since a color hasn’t popped out to me yet, however I’m very much open to suggestions!!

And finally…

I made another pet treat jar since I got so many squeaky cute sounds from people when they saw the customized one I made.

So I’ve been busy as usual; I simply can’t help myself. I’m going to try hand-building a loopy or wavy napkin holder. Let the planning begin, my dear friends.


Twinkle twinkle little pot

I’m at my best at night. I’ve never been really good at sleeping at night because I simply find it too intriguing. The general quiet and peace. My favorite thing to do when I was near the coast would be to go to the beach at night with my besties and just be still. There’s too much to enjoy; too much to do. I find that’s the time I want to talk the most. I want to delve deep and stay a while. I used to open my windows and listen to the various sounds from what ever creatures were singing under them.

I’ve mentioned how I come up with clay ideas when I’m trying to fall asleep. Why don’t I keep a stash at home? Because I know I wouldn’t sleep more than 2 or 3 hours a night. If that.

This may sound strange, but I started throwing a cylinder and all I could think about was Gone with the Wind. I love the costuming of that movie and so I made a vase inspired by those frilly confections of femininity. I made another votive and carved in a simple long oval shape and then gently pushed out the slats of clay between each opening. I think that one shall be glazed in Deep Firebrick.

A new group is ready for its bisque fire. I don’t want to glaze the flower votives all the same so if you have suggestions please give them up! I was told today by a young boy that I should call them Fire Flowers. I like it.


Some new stuff

I’ll continue posting pictures as my large group of glazed pieces goes through the firing.



The hands

Dear friends,

I’ve always been fascinated by hands. Some are delicate and dainty and some are huge and rugged. I’ve always loved my grandmothers hands; from her perfectly shaped and painted oval nails to her nipped wrist. Time has thinned her skin and now you can see the gentle hue of blue along the trails of her veins. I used to think to myself how I wished my hands were that pretty and graceful looking. Even when I was a sick waif my hands were well-rounded and sturdy…to put it succinctly.

As a potter I’ve had to learn some things to accept. Example one being the allowance of clay under my fingernails. I abhor dirt under my fingernails and tend to keep them clipped to the quick to avoid the issue all together. Working in clay leaves the residue not only under the nail but adhered to the cuticle. Those are the times I’m glad to favor the white clays. Sure I’ll carelessly walk around with a smudge of the mud on my face or all over my clothing and not think about it a moment, but once it’s under my nails I’ll work to evacuate it immediately.

I’m convinced that a potter cannot retain nice hands. They’re either dry, gnarled from the years of shaping, dirty looking after 10 washes, or stained by glaze and colored clay.

You’ll never see a potter as a hand model.


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