On a completely unrelated note…

As I peacefully sat swaddled in a blanket by the fire and tree tonight I was annoyed that not one Christmas movie was on, so we watched the Star Wars marathon. Aside from George Lucas destroying my warm childhood memories of wonderfully cheesy effects in these films by replacing them with new creatures, etc, I was irritated by one solitary thing that I hadn’t noticed before. When Obi Wan and Vader are fighting their light sabers hit and make a green light. One has a blue one and one has a red one yet the light that comes from their contact is green. Green! Blue and red make purple! Purple!!

That’s all I have to say about that.

The annual Gallery Tour is coming up THIS Thursday from 5-9pm. More information can be found at:


Last year was a load of fun. You get to meet so many different and interesting people. The art world is one I don’t find a secure footing in yet, but I’m getting there. I find it a touch silly to call myself an artist…it’s kind of like putting a kid in a suit and calling him an adult. I still feel like (concerning official titles) I’m walking around in high heels I stole from my mother that are 4 sizes too big.

I hope I come back to this some day and laugh at myself. 🙂




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I can handle this


Handles. Oh, handles. Handles can be frustrating for me. Yet today was not one of those days. In the past I’ve tried making pulled handles and failed pretty epically. It’s hard! I would pinch it apart or make it too thin. This was my first successfully pulled handle:

I feel like a proud Mama! I was finally able to do it! The pitcher is slightly shorter than a bottle of water, but wide. The handle reminds me of a butterfly wing.

Tonight I made a Christmas order for a large dog treat jar. When the lid is dry enough I’ll be able to trim it down and add the hand-building. I did more realistic paw prints for this one, and although it’s a bit more work I think I like it better.

My His & Her mugs have been sold so I made a double batch with some smirking ladies.

And a special set for a friend of mine that recently got married (congratulations Michael and Dedra!!).

I ruffled the top of a small, double handled fancy vase.

And trimmed a swirly lidded jar.

Sigh. I’m so very addicted to this. I lose track of time when I’m working in the studio. I can’t answer my phone most of the time for being a complete mess, and I always feel so lovely and calm afterwards.

There’s construction going on next to and in front of the gallery right now as they prepare to spruce up downtown Madison. It’s been a bit of a trial with all the blind digging and cutting of phone lines and water pipes. It’ll be worth it in the end.

I have a clay ornament class THIS Saturday (11/26) at 10AM for $35 with ALL materials included and there are still spaces open. Call or drop in and have some clay time with me while making memories. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving,


Announcements are STILL fun!

Hello my Dear Ones,

Today has been an incredible day. Not just because it’s cold outside and I’m alive and all that good stuff. Today I was unanimously voted in to become the newest resident artist at 16 Main Gallery. Me. Me? Me!

And then I got a very, very wanted package in the mail…

It's what's inside that counts.

Hello my new friend!

So today gave me a pottery wheel and a residency at a place that I dearly love. God is good. It doesn’t end there…

As I’ve mentioned, 16 Main is celebrating its Birthday this Saturday. The Madison Record wrote a piece on it and can you guess what photograph was used?

The Madison Record newspaper with a picture of my pottery!

A closer look…

Listed as an artist!

Before I say anything else you should know that I’m not naturally an optimist. I try really hard because I know that it’s worth it and that it becomes contagious to yourself once you are. I understand that there are ugly things in life that will invariably touch you or someone you love some day because this is not a perfect world. I know that there are bad days and good days and, in my short 24 years, I’ve seen both sides. I say all of this because I emphasize to everyone I know that you need to take those sweet moments in life – like this day for me – and savor it wholly.

I don’t know where this journey is going to lead me. I can’t tell anyone the duration or the effect, but that doesn’t really matter. God provides; He has provided, is providing, and will provide. That may not always look how I want it to but I can rest in that it’s taken care of. I’ve done nothing and couldn’t do anything to deserve all of these lovely things in my life.

I’m savoring pottery, and I think you should come savor it with me. It’s fun to step outside of your comfort zone at times and try something new!

Hand-carved lidded jar.

A custom piece for a friend of mine that roves raw fiber. The bottle is holding up the curved piece while it dries.

A woman is taking beginner oil painting lessons at the gallery. I thought it was cool that they chose a piece of my pottery to use as a still-life.



Happy Birthday 16 Main!

Come celebrate with us the official 1st Birthday of 16 Main THIS Saturday from 10-5pm. There will be prizes for you to win and use in the Gallery (10-20% off items), yummy things, free photo session with a photographer, AND all the artists to chat and hang out with!!

See you there, my friends!


The colors

I sat outside this afternoon enjoying the sun and the chill of the air. The breeze was gentle yet steady.

My little beast enjoying the sun.

As I sat there filling my lungs with the crisp fall air I was dazzled by what the rays from the sun were showing me: color in its truest form. I saw the layers of chocolate and umber in my feline’s coat as well as the strands of gold and cinnamon in my hair. Look at your hair in the sun… it’s dazzling, is it not? All the colors that God has weaved together that we pass by each day and write off as singular and static. It’s anything but that.

I’m beginning to run low on my favorite glaze colors, so the time must come to order more. The hard part being whether or not I should try some new ones. Sure you can see the samples, but you never know how they’ll truly look. Will they match the color? How will the hue of the clay affect the shade? It’s stressful to me since it involves money!

A friend of mine from church asked for a custom cookie jar with the only specifications being that it needed to have Nana some where and be in blues and yellows. I first thought that I would do something cutesy…maybe a cookie for the handle. I tried a few different things that just plain sucked. I decided to try this look and the more I worked on it the more I loved it. The beads of clay remind me of pearls.

I’ve been a little mug crazy lately, but I blame it on the cold weather. Again, I made each one different. There’s something fun to me about having a cabinet full of mugs the have a similar vein yet all look different.

I finally got a chance to run into Lowe’s (love the smell of that place, is that weird?) and buy the little sticky felt feet to finish my mix-and-match coasters. Now they’ll not only brighten your beverage with their happy colors, but they won’t scratch your table! Yay!



Side A

Side B

So fun. X-D


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Upcoming events at 16 Main

The 16 Main Gallery November class list and the 12 Gifts of Christmas class list are out now!!!!

Make your own Christmas gifts this year! Classes are all-inclusive.

On Saturday November 19th 16 Main is having it’s one year in business Birthday! We will have prizes and discounts available to win for use in the Gallery.

Aaaaandddd……. December 1st from 5-9pm 16 Main is on the Gallery Tour!!!! For more information about this event go to: http://gallerytour.org/

Please come in and say hi to us all!