When Things Work

I literally jumped up and down when I saw this in the kiln. I was so excited that it actually came out looking how I wanted. Making the stamps weeks before and firing them…all that time of babysitting the clay to be able to stamp it when it was the perfect balance of wet and dry…all the time spent meticulously glazing each little square with a tiny squared brush. It was most certainly worth it. Kimbra’s (my latest music love) album “Vows” was played over and over whilst doing this project which only attributed to the happy colors.

Psst…check her out:¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewMTRN9So88

I saw this design on Etsy by another potter, but it was made using a slump mold instead of throwing the bowl. They essentially rolled out a thick piece of clay and pushed it into a pre-made bowl. It makes it a little more difficult to keep that thrown bowl shape since I’m only pushing against my palm instead of hard plaster, but what can I say? I’m a snob about using molds. I made one for my sunflower using a large wok, so I can see the benefit of them. I think they take the challenge away. I’ve always done this for the love of it. Selling my work is a major benefit when it happens since it funds the act itself, but as soon as all of this becomes only about engineering to sell there will be a problem. I don’t want to lose the enjoyment.

Speaking of the sunflower…

I lost a few petals along the way but I made it for myself so it isn’t too big of a deal. Sunflowers just make me smile…there’s something so welcoming about them. I used a golden yellow and a bright yellow glaze on it so that it would add some color depth to the piece. All that’s left to do is epoxy the hardware for it to hang. I want to make a few small ones to put in the gallery as well.

Thursday, June 21st is the next Art Stroll 16 Main will take part in in downtown Huntsville on the square. I sold my little piggy bank (picture above) and a few other things at the last one. The free concert on Thursday nights at the gazebo in downtown Madison is starting back up on May 31st so we’ll be open in the evening for that time since it’s across the street from us. The series goes into August and it’s such a lovely time to be out and enjoying some local culture. It’s free and goes from 6-8 with the Madison Arts Counsel providing free face painting for children and selling some treats.

I was asked to remake a favorite mug that broke by a friend of mine. It’s called the Monday Mug. The original was bought several years ago at a festival and the series would get progressively happier as the week went on. Pretty cute idea, eh? I’m going to put this on the list of things I want to make but create it in my own style. His face makes me want to poke him in the belly to get him to giggle.

My June hand-building class at 16 Main is on the 16th at 10am. It’s a Saturday and I keep the class size small so I’m able to work one-on-one with each student. To reserve a space call 16 Main at 256-325-0161.

Kimbra is going to sing me to sleep now, so goodnight to you all.



Derby Days

Hello my dear ones!

Derby Days is this Saturday, May 5th, from 10am-6pm on the green in downtown Madison. There are going to be several activities going on that are family-friendly and we’ll be selling the lovely derby hats at our gallery.

Hope to see you all out there as it’s going to be a great day!