Wait, what?


Change and I aren’t the best of friends. I like change but I don’t like, like it.

After some careful consideration, prayer, thought, and general back and forth I’ve come to the decision that my time at 16 Main Gallery has come to its end. I’m so incredibly thankful for everything that this place has been to me.  I started out as just some bum kid volunteering to get wheel time to being nurtured and mentored within something that I’ve come to love so very fondly. I wouldn’t be the potter I am without 16 Main. I probably wouldn’t BE a potter without 16 Main.

There are going to be some announcements coming soon, so stay tuned.

This is not the end! I repeat, this is NOT the END! I want to go out big, so please make sure to come out for Thursday (the 26th) night from 5-9pm as we are a part of the Gallery Tour. There will be some yummy food (um, mini Nutella cheesecakes, anyone?) and I’ll be throwing throughout the evening. I promise I won’t splatter you!

For the month of August all of my pottery will be 20% off so as to make the move easier. If you need to set up a time to come in to the Gallery after hours please leave a comment here and I’ll get in contact with you immediately. This reduction will only apply for the month of August and you will have to make the purchase through me at the gallery or online. The best time will be to come in on a Saturday since I’m there all day from 9-5pm. If you are out-of-town/state this deal still applies, but you will have to cover shipping.

Until I get settled and find a new place to work I won’t be able to take custom orders, BUT as soon as I’m situated I will let everyone know in a big way! I LOVE doing this, so sales or no sales I’m still a mud gal.

So…change and I. Not a love thing, but I think I might learn.  🙂

❤ Tisa


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