It’s been a while, indeed!

Hello everyone,

I apologize for my absence. It’s been a time to just decompress after the debacle with the gallery. Here’s a peek at a collaboration I did with my best friend for her wedding topper:



On the cake

They’re actually salt and pepper shakers! I threw the body and then we got together and I taught her how to make some basic hand-built accessories. Not only was this extra special to do for me, but being able to work on it together was a memory made.

I’ll be taking part in the Advent Craft Market in December. I will be pricing my items to sell, sell, sell, and a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to drilling wells in India. Once I have more details I will post them!




Process of Mosaics

Hello friends!

Glazing: Before and After

My dear ones,

It’s been a while, has it not? The month of May to June was such a splendid and life-changing time. I graduated college and turned 25. Along with all of those shenanigans I’ve also had the opportunity to glaze and fire frogs for a display at the Botanical Gardens in Huntsville, as well as have several pieces of my pottery go to a new bank for display. I’ll be attending the ribbon cutting ceremony tomorrow. How strange to say something like that! I can’t believe how blessed I’ve been within this entire mud adventure.

I’ve been working heavily in the last few weeks to maintain a steady flow of inventory. I never thought that would be something I said. Some times it’s easier than others to choose colors to glaze the pieces, but I tend to get a bit blocked for one particular reason: most glazes look nothing like they will after firing.

Example One:

A soft, powdery blue?

Pretty close.

Example Two:

Maybe a pink? No…

A deep plum after firing.

Example Three:

Easy, right? This one is going to be white.

It’s a clear glaze on a Speckled Buff clay.

It’s a trying exercise with the mosaic pieces I’ve been doing since I have to use several different colors. They may look exactly the same in liquid form but nothing alike when fired, and I don’t want to end up with a whole side or line of the same color.

And speaking of mosaic pieces…here is a sneak peek of two new ones that I’m currently glazing…

This piece will be multi-colored.

This bowl will be glazed in all different shades of blue.

Once these pieces have made it through the entire process I’ll put the pictures up as well as more information on how I actually did this technique. It takes a LOT of patience and even more time, but it’s so very worth it in the end when you see the results.

❤ T

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When Things Work

I literally jumped up and down when I saw this in the kiln. I was so excited that it actually came out looking how I wanted. Making the stamps weeks before and firing them…all that time of babysitting the clay to be able to stamp it when it was the perfect balance of wet and dry…all the time spent meticulously glazing each little square with a tiny squared brush. It was most certainly worth it. Kimbra’s (my latest music love) album “Vows” was played over and over whilst doing this project which only attributed to the happy colors.

Psst…check her out:

I saw this design on Etsy by another potter, but it was made using a slump mold instead of throwing the bowl. They essentially rolled out a thick piece of clay and pushed it into a pre-made bowl. It makes it a little more difficult to keep that thrown bowl shape since I’m only pushing against my palm instead of hard plaster, but what can I say? I’m a snob about using molds. I made one for my sunflower using a large wok, so I can see the benefit of them. I think they take the challenge away. I’ve always done this for the love of it. Selling my work is a major benefit when it happens since it funds the act itself, but as soon as all of this becomes only about engineering to sell there will be a problem. I don’t want to lose the enjoyment.

Speaking of the sunflower…

I lost a few petals along the way but I made it for myself so it isn’t too big of a deal. Sunflowers just make me smile…there’s something so welcoming about them. I used a golden yellow and a bright yellow glaze on it so that it would add some color depth to the piece. All that’s left to do is epoxy the hardware for it to hang. I want to make a few small ones to put in the gallery as well.

Thursday, June 21st is the next Art Stroll 16 Main will take part in in downtown Huntsville on the square. I sold my little piggy bank (picture above) and a few other things at the last one. The free concert on Thursday nights at the gazebo in downtown Madison is starting back up on May 31st so we’ll be open in the evening for that time since it’s across the street from us. The series goes into August and it’s such a lovely time to be out and enjoying some local culture. It’s free and goes from 6-8 with the Madison Arts Counsel providing free face painting for children and selling some treats.

I was asked to remake a favorite mug that broke by a friend of mine. It’s called the Monday Mug. The original was bought several years ago at a festival and the series would get progressively happier as the week went on. Pretty cute idea, eh? I’m going to put this on the list of things I want to make but create it in my own style. His face makes me want to poke him in the belly to get him to giggle.

My June hand-building class at 16 Main is on the 16th at 10am. It’s a Saturday and I keep the class size small so I’m able to work one-on-one with each student. To reserve a space call 16 Main at 256-325-0161.

Kimbra is going to sing me to sleep now, so goodnight to you all.


Out of the Norm.

If you’ve seen my work you know what tend to be my usual style. A couple came into the gallery and gave me an order that I was really excited to create. It started from them seeing a mug I made for someone else. It’s something that I’ve never done before: Skeletons. I was sent a picture of their cake topper and asked to remake it on mugs along with designing 2 for bridesmaids.

Here is the original cake topper:

And here is my version:

The Bride-to-be wanted the mugs to have handles that formed a heart when you were looking at the people. So sweet. On the back she wanted it to say…

And here are the Bridesmaids:

And on the back she had me write “It Really Happened!”

Isn’t this such a fun way to celebrate the big day?

This Saturday is the event Art 4 Paws. There are going to be a ton of vendors and fun things to look at and take part in with your beloved pets. I’ll be selling my dog and cat treat jars and a percentage of all sales will be going to an animal shelter. It’s from 9-4pm and will be on the green in front of 16 Main.


Things change quickly.

I’ve got a lot of shelves to fill.

It’s been exactly a year since I started coming to 16 Main Gallery to work on getting better at throwing, taking art classes, and volunteering. I never expected that I would be where I am now. I never knew to even think about the possibility of it. All I wanted to do was pursue this new thing that suddenly made me feel like all the right pieces had settled into their places. I’m so thankful I get to do this.

This past week I’ve been creating like crazy and it’s been so thoroughly fun. I’ve been posting pictures to my pottery Facebook account. You don’t need an account to peruse the page and pictures, so do enjoy: Tisa’s Pieces Pottery

Here’s a peek of my new project:

It’s a big wall-hanging sunflower. It took 5 hours to hand-build and about 13 pounds of clay. I’m just hoping it makes it through since I’ve got big plans for this lovely one.


How I’ve missed Thee!

Oh dear! It’s been too long. I had strep throat twice in a row and was down for a very, very long month. No fun.

Updates…Here is the class list for March at 16 Main Gallery. I have 2 spots left in my clay class.

My article written by Gregg Parker was finally printed in the Madison Record!! If you want to actually read it you can find it at:

I had a logo done by the wonderfully talented Lauren Fowler of Lauren Fowler Designs…

Isn’t it just the prettiest? She did such a fantastic job. Now the hard part will be figuring out how to make it into a banner on this page. I’m not tech-savvy in the least.

In my last post I shared a picture of the bowls with little flowers in their greenware state. I’ve since fired and tagged them to sell but wanted to show you the final product.

I decided I wanted to keep this really simple. I glazed the flowers in pure white and then covered the entire bowl in a clear glaze. I love how understated it is so that the speckles in the clay and the flowers are center stage in the pieces. I’m going to be making a lot more of these in various sizes since I enjoy them so much.



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