Pottery and Control Freakery.

…They just don’t get along. I unloaded the glaze fire this evening and had a bit of a giggle when I saw this:

The second butterfly came loose and ended up adhering a little ways down. With the flash you can even see the path it took. 🙂

The new pieces have been uploaded to my pottery Facebook page here: Tisa’s Pieces

All new pieces are at the very bottom, so just scroll on down.

I think making pottery is just another way for me to learn to let go and be okay with the way things turn out. I can’t control everything, and I can’t change what happens in the kiln. My teacher always told me to love what I get when it comes to pottery….runaway butterflies and all.



Out of the Norm.

If you’ve seen my work you know what tend to be my usual style. A couple came into the gallery and gave me an order that I was really excited to create. It started from them seeing a mug I made for someone else. It’s something that I’ve never done before: Skeletons. I was sent a picture of their cake topper and asked to remake it on mugs along with designing 2 for bridesmaids.

Here is the original cake topper:

And here is my version:

The Bride-to-be wanted the mugs to have handles that formed a heart when you were looking at the people. So sweet. On the back she wanted it to say…

And here are the Bridesmaids:

And on the back she had me write “It Really Happened!”

Isn’t this such a fun way to celebrate the big day?

This Saturday is the event Art 4 Paws. There are going to be a ton of vendors and fun things to look at and take part in with your beloved pets. I’ll be selling my dog and cat treat jars and a percentage of all sales will be going to an animal shelter. It’s from 9-4pm and will be on the green in front of 16 Main.


Botanical Gardens and An Awkward Hello!


I’m SO excited for this show tomorrow. It’ll be the first time my pieces are in any kind of art show so I’m kind of crazy excited. It’s from 9-4 and the gallery has a tent with pieces from all of us. I’m told we’ll be in the meadow, just past the lake. Go say hi and then come say hi to me at 16 Main while I’m working in the gallery tomorrow!

Hello There!

As you can see I am not a camera person! But some times it’s nice to have a face with the words…for the maybe 2 people that read this and don’t know me. 😀




Event Dates and Girly Tendencies.

My friends,

The street construction in front of the gallery has been rather trying. They’ve cut our water lines multiple times, cut the power, crushed the pipes taking water away, and more for the last several months. I’ve watched them stand around or smoke for hours while doing nothing. The building next to us is through private contractors and it’s going up faster than a paving. The positive side of it is that we continue to have students in our classes willing to trudge the graveled path to our door. A simple thank you would not suffice, but I’ll say it any way: Thank you. Truly.

As for me, I’ve taken this opportunity to get a large amount of work done. I really shouldn’t call it work since it’s my creative playtime, but I feel like I should proliferate the illusion nonetheless. It keeps me humble. ;-D

This year the theme of the Botanical Garden art show is butterflies and it just so happens that I’ve been quite explosive in my butterfly making. I’ve extended them past vases now and put them on sponge holders and I’m making magnets out of them. It’s been so fun and sweet. A lady came in to my studio and told me all my pottery was ‘whimsical.’ I smiled in agreement and told her, as I stood there in my clay-splattered apron and jeans, that I save all my most girly tendencies for my pottery. It’s not that I don’t want to be girly…I just err too far on the side of practicality. Perhaps all the flowers and butterflies will manifest themselves on my person in the future.

Pictures of the latest glaze unload are up on my pottery Facebook page: Available Pottery

Scroll to the bottom and you will find all the new goodies!


Now for the upcoming events involving 16 Main:

Botanical Gardens show: Saturday, April 14th. 10am-4pm

Art for Paws on the village green (in front of 16 Main) in d/t Madison: Saturday, April 21st. 9am-4pm

Derby Days on the village green in d/t Madison: Saturday, May 5th. 10am-6pm

Art Stroll on the square in d/t Huntsville: Thursday, May 17th.


‘Til next time my dear ones,



After going through a beginning wheel class I was quasi-mentored for almost a year by another potter. I learned quite a lot during that time but I don’t think you can ever get enough information when it comes to something like this. There are so many different approaches to making pottery.

And then come in the joys of the internet. YouTube, mainly. My two favorite potters are very different. One is English and uses so much water he can flip the piece upside down in the end and let it pour out. The other will throw almost completely with the slip (think really muddy water) made from barely dipping his hand in water.

Potter 1

Potter 2

Their hand placement is completely different…it’s fascinating to me. Throwing off the hump is still something I want to try. I’m grateful for their sharing since I think I’ve learned more from watching videos than anything.  It’s most assuredly not something I could do.

At night, when I can’t sleep, I end up watching pottery videos until I can’t keep my eyes open. I think I’m in love with mud… 😉


Things change quickly.

I’ve got a lot of shelves to fill.

It’s been exactly a year since I started coming to 16 Main Gallery to work on getting better at throwing, taking art classes, and volunteering. I never expected that I would be where I am now. I never knew to even think about the possibility of it. All I wanted to do was pursue this new thing that suddenly made me feel like all the right pieces had settled into their places. I’m so thankful I get to do this.

This past week I’ve been creating like crazy and it’s been so thoroughly fun. I’ve been posting pictures to my pottery Facebook account. You don’t need an account to peruse the page and pictures, so do enjoy: Tisa’s Pieces Pottery

Here’s a peek of my new project:

It’s a big wall-hanging sunflower. It took 5 hours to hand-build and about 13 pounds of clay. I’m just hoping it makes it through since I’ve got big plans for this lovely one.


How I’ve missed Thee!

Oh dear! It’s been too long. I had strep throat twice in a row and was down for a very, very long month. No fun.

Updates…Here is the class list for March at 16 Main Gallery. I have 2 spots left in my clay class.

My article written by Gregg Parker was finally printed in the Madison Record!! If you want to actually read it you can find it at: http://www.themadisonrecord.com/2012/01/09/womacks-pottery-featured-at-16-main-gallery/

I had a logo done by the wonderfully talented Lauren Fowler of Lauren Fowler Designs… https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lauren-Fowler-Design/108090252613621

Isn’t it just the prettiest? She did such a fantastic job. Now the hard part will be figuring out how to make it into a banner on this page. I’m not tech-savvy in the least.

In my last post I shared a picture of the bowls with little flowers in their greenware state. I’ve since fired and tagged them to sell but wanted to show you the final product.

I decided I wanted to keep this really simple. I glazed the flowers in pure white and then covered the entire bowl in a clear glaze. I love how understated it is so that the speckles in the clay and the flowers are center stage in the pieces. I’m going to be making a lot more of these in various sizes since I enjoy them so much.



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